Interesting gelato facts

Did you know?

  • The word gelato comes from ‘frozen’ or ‘to freeze’ in Italian.
  • Traditionally, gelato is from northern Italy, and sorbetto from warmer southern Italy.
  • The story goes that sorbetto began when fruit was blended with snow.

What’s in Gelato?

  • Gelato is made from milk, sugar and fruit. When you replace the milk with water, you create Sorbetto.
  • Most of our gelato are gluten free with the exception of Rocky Road and one or two others – tubs are marked.
  • Our sorbetto is dairy free, 99% fat free and at least 40% fruit.
  • There is no egg in our gelato or sorbetto.


Gelato is creamier and more intensely flavoured than ice cream – why?

Gelato has:

  • Less sugar
  • Half to a third of the fat of ice cream: 7-9% vs 18-20%
  • Half the air of ice cream due to a slower churning process

Reduce the fat and the air and you taste the flavours more. Churn more slowly with less sugar and the creaminess comes through. Simple.

Why does Carrello make a better gelato?

  • We source the best and freshest ingredients.
  • We source as much as we can locally.
  • We make our gelato by hand in small batches so we can keep an eye on quality.
  • Our MPI-registered food safety program is for export gelato which means we are operating at a level above what is required for domestic sales.
  • We make regular overseas trips to look at the latest international trends and to carryout regular training, to continue to improve and refine our product.
  • We employ expert gelato makers who love gelato.
  • We have a range of gluten free, dairy free, nut free, egg free and vegan flavours.